Karen Codrington

Reusable Wet Wipes Bag, diamond

Item #: 360101
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Convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly, this water-resistant, two-pocket bag is your reusable, on-the-go solution to carry personal use Norwex Microfibre Cloths, dry or wet, any time, anywhere. It conveniently stores dry, unused Makeup Removal Cloths or Baby Body Cloths in the front pocket. Use the larger pocket for wet or used items.

13 cm x 25 cm

Available in 3 designs: 360101 diamond, 360102 floral and 360100 garden.

Note: Cloths sold separately.


While disposable wet wipes are convenient to quickly get dirty hands, faces and baby bottoms clean, many are filled with toxic chemicals and nearly all of them wreak havoc on our environment. They clog sewerage systems when flushed, and can wind up on beaches and in waterways, too.


Go green with the Norwex reusable solution—our ecofriendly Reusable Wet Wipes Bag. It’s perfect for carrying unused dry cloths as well as wet used cloths on the go, and cleans up easily once you get home.